Diabetes Management | Care & Cure Group of Pharmacies

Managing diabetes effectively means getting all the specialist health care you need as well as a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of diet and exercise. Our knowledgeable pharmacists play an active role in quality diabetes care through customer consultation, and reinforcing the importance of collecting and acting on blood glucose data. This coupled with our wide range of products, including blood glucose monitoring, socks, life savers, injection or insulin pump therapy ensure better outcomes for patients.

While your pharmacist is an invaluable member of your health-care team, the key person in managing your diabetes, is you. Diabetes Canada offers tools online for you to take charge of your health and help you find a blood sugar checking pattern that’s right for you, how to check and keep track of your blood pressure and changes in your feet, and develop an action plan to set and meet your goals.

Speak with a pharmacist to review your medications and action plan.